Rewarding Our Young Eco Warriors For Their Earth-Friendly Deeds




hen Santa Monica, California residents Mimi and Jon Torp wanted to find a way to reward their daughter, Emily, for her tireless and single minded passion for recycling and conserving resources, they couldn’t come up with anything that properly praised her accomplishments.


Talking to other parents, they quickly realized that there was an obvious lack of environmental based awards for our young Eco-Warriors.


Thus was the genesis of “Environ Medals”.


Designed by Emily and Jon, the Torps hired a Wisconsin medal maker to create an engraved “Planet Earth Environ-Medal” with the slogan “Champion of a Greener World”.


They also developed a checklist of eco-friendly tasks that an Earthling could perform to help our planet.  When a person has performed a specific number of tasks, they’re rewarded with an Environ Medal.


The Torp's inaugural roll-out of this program at their Daughter's school, Santa Monica's Franklin Elementary, was met with overwhelming interest  and success. Since then, the Torp's have expanded this kid powered earth-saving program to other school's and organizations.


Parents can also download a task list from this site and go over it with their child/children.


When the kids have completed the required number of tasks, an Environ Medal(s) can be requested here and sent to the desired address.


For information about how your school or organization can participate in this inspiring earth-friendly program, please Email Us.



  • Turn Off Water When Brushing Your Teeth
    • Remind Members Of Household To Turn Off Water When Brushing Their Teeth Or Shaving
  • Choose One Glass To Use All Day Or Use A Water Bottle. (This Will Cut Down On The Number Of Glasses To Be Washed)
    • Take A Five Minute Shower Instead Of A Bath
  • Make Sure Faucets Are Turned Off Tightly After Each Use And Look For Leaks. (One Drip Every Second Adds Up To 5 Gallons Of Wasted Water Every Day)
    • Bring A Trashless Lunch To School.  Use A Lunch Box Instead Of A Paper Bag.   Carry Food In Reusable Containers And Drinks In Reusable Bottles
  • Turn Off Lights When Leaving Room
    • Have Your Parent Replace A Regular Incandescent Light Bulb With A Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
  • Turn Off TV When Not Watching It
    • Set Computer Screen To Go Black Instead Of Using Screen Saver
  • Turn Off Printer When Not In Use
    • Print On Both Sides Of The Paper
  • Print Things On Recycled Paper
    • Read 1 Hour Instead Of Watching TV
  • Recycle Cans, Plastic Bottles, Newspaper, And Magazines
    • Cut Up Plastic Six-Pack Rings Before Throwing Them Out
  • Use Less Hot Water
    • Use Scrap Paper For Notes
  • Pick Up Trash Around The Neighborhood
    • Persuade Your Family, Friends And Neighbors To Recycle And Be Energy Conscious
  • Use Rechargeable Batteries
    • Recycle Batteries, Cell Phones and Ink Cartridges



Some Of The Tasks Kids Can Do To Earn An Environ Medal


1. A Young Eco Warrior obtains an Environ Medals Check List from their school/organization or downloads it from this website.  (Download Checklist)




2. The Eco Warrior performs (and checks off) the required # of earth saving tasks.


3. The completed list is reviewed by the parent or guardian who then goes online to request that the medal be sent to the Eco Warrior.  Look for CHECKLIST COMPLETED.


If the Program is being run as part of a school or organization, the medals will be distributed directly through the School or Organization.


Would you like to receive information about how to bring the Environ Medals program to your School or Organization?  Please Email Us for Details.







                             The Environ Medals Program works quite simply....



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In Recognition Of Their Environ Medals Program, Mimi And Jon Torp Were Awarded The "GREEN AGENT AWARD" By The LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL



My name is Chi Kim, and I am the principal of Point Dume Marine Science School in Malibu.  I contacted Jon and Mimi Torp this summer because I had heard of a program that they sponsor, Environ Medals, at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica.  I spoke to the principal there, and she told me how great it was for her students.  Jon and Mimi were wonderful to sponsor our school this year.  The program has been wildly successful, and students have earned over 100 medals in 3 weeks time!


Every week in our newsletter, students who earn medals are listed in our electronic newsletter that goes out to over 350 people.


I just wanted to thank Jon and Mimi for being such thoughtful, environmentally conscious  and generous realtors.


With much gratitude,


Chi Kim


Point Dume Marine Science School

Malibu, CA 90265

Dear Jon and Mimi,


Thank you for developing and sponsoring the ENVIRON-MEDALS program at my daughter, Sascha school.  It is a wonderful program and our family and friends are enjoying the rewards of reducing, reusing and recycling.



Andrea Lanier

parent, PTA committeeperson and psychologist


A BIG THANK YOU to you, Mimi and your daughter for coming up with such a great idea for all school kids to be a part of!


The Environ Medals are very inspiring to both children and grown ups too!


Hopefully the Earth friendly practices will stay with the families...


Hillcrest Academy received their medals and we are SO pleased with the quality!


A mention about the program being at Hillcrest was included in the November newsletter for SLOW FOOD of Temecula Valley.


Here it is...


This newsletter went out to over 12,000 people!!




Many thanks again!


AC - Hillcrest Academy - Temecula, CA

Oh my gosh, your Environ Medals were such a HIT!  The students wore them to the school’s Awards Assembly and we had them stand up to show who participated in Green Team for the year.


Thanks again!


J. Lambert - Green Team Advisor - Tiffany Park Elementary - Renton, WA



A wonderfully positive and earth-friendly way to promote your business or drive traffic to your business is to incorporate Environ Medals into your marketing plan.


If you're interested in learning more about our sponsorship opportunities, please EMAIL US.





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